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Data Collection - Data services for AI solutions - Creative AI
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Data Collection

Creative AI, innovativi sistemi di intelligenza artificiale, Genova

Data Collection for Artificial Intelligence

We provide data collection services to store data in various formats and train machine learning models to complete certain tasks automatically.

Data collection, Creative AI, innovativi sistemi di intelligenza artificiale, Genova

How do we collect data?

The data collection process takes time and resources, but it is critical. In fact, it is the quality of the data collected that determines the success of a machine learning project. Relying on an external data provider allows you to collect a large amount of high-quality training data of various kinds.

At this stage, we make sure to manage and store data in the most appropriate manner, meeting the required security standards. Considering the client’s requirements, we can collect data in two ways. In-person collection is suitable for projects that require specific requirements and settings. Remote collection is more suitable for projects that need to be completed quickly, storing a large amount of multilingual data of various types.

Text Collection

Text data collection, in different languages and scenarios, supports the training of conversational interfaces. On the other hand, handwritten text data collection enables the enhancement of optical character recognition systems.

Audio Collection

Automatic speech recognition technologies must be trained with multilingual audio data of various types and associated with different scenarios, to help machines recognize intents and nuances of human speech.

Image & Video Collection

Computer vision models, just as objects and human interactions recognition technologies require a training based on processing a huge number of images and videos to learn how to interpret these data.

Our global network of contributors allows us to collect a wide range of different kinds of data across specific platforms. This enables us to provide clients with customized data collection services associated with different languages and scenarios.

We collect the required training data according to legal standards in line with specific GDPR requirements. We also rely on secure collection platforms and are committed to ensuring fair and transparent payment to our contributors.

Download the case studies to learn about the data collection projects we’ve worked on.