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Audio data collection (Spain)


We are working to improve a speech assistance system and we need your help to collect high-quality and valid data.

How can you contribute?

The project entails the recording of 8 words 30 times and 1 word 20 times, for a total of 260 audios.

Each word is to be recorded in a single audio where only the recording of that word and nothing else should be heard (silent recording environment, no background noise)

Estimated time: 25 minutes


Words list:

1) Hi Bixby ​ /ai bi­csbi/

2) Bixby /bicsbi/

3) Hi SmartThings

4) SmartThings

5) Samsung Health

6) Netflix

7) Disney Plus /disn­ei plas/

8) YouTube /iutub/

​9) Alexa (20 times)

Who can participate?

If you have iOS system ,please, remember to send us the e-mail with which you created the account: this will allow us to send you back the Expo invitation.

You will find the project under “My tasks”: select the project and start recording!

If you have any question, contact us at: